A very warm welcome to the WEB site of the GROCOTT FAMILY of Western Australia. This site has been set up to form a central point for storing and displaying the family photos.

The site was started with the photo’s from Mum’s (Pat) collection of Albums and prints – both black & white and colour, and slides. It currently covers the time frame from about 1906 to the present time.

An image of the Family Tree is included for reference (E&OE)

Since going live in mid May 2021 it has jogged a few memories for Dad (Merv) and other members of the family.

This WEB site can grow in any direction, you, “The Family”, would like it to grow. But you will have to provide material.

The “FAMILY” has of course grown somewhat since the 1900’s and now includes quite a few more “Surnames or Family” names, these have been included where data is available. Main aim is for pictures. Captions on pictures will be added over time .

Yes, by all means send a screen shot and add an appropriate caption that can be added to the WEB site.

If you have a great story, it can also be included. Additional information, images and constructive comments are, of course, always welcome.

Fill in and submit the form at the bottom of this page…The site is currently under construction and is likely to have additions, alterations etc on a weekly basis.

More to come ……/

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This Web site was started by Richard Grocott in August 2021 and is an ongoing project.